How To Create Lighting In Landscape Design?

Free Aged wooden summer house near pond with rocks near green plants and flowers in garden in sunny day Stock PhotoQuality garden lighting can only provide a multi-level system of properly grouped lighting elements. They will have to simultaneously perform the main functional task of covering the territory and decorating its space with its splendor.

The arrangement of the lighting elements, as a rule, is at the final stage of the development of landscape design. Representing landscape lighting fixtures should focus on the most successful types of windows, to designate private areas and represent ceremonial. Then they are determined the adequacy of the points of placement of the lighting structures and preliminarily assess how powerful the lamps in them should be. This will make it possible to determine more:

  • with the number and type of landscape lighting fixtures that will need to be purchased;
  • the direction of light flow.

Landscape details that need lighting

Free Lights Hanging on Green Leaf Tree Stock PhotoMandatory highlighting is subject to all obstacles on the site, both natural and artificially created. First of all, the lighting of the artificial basins in the landscape design is being set up. This requires a special approach. If you create perimeter lighting, even the puddle will look like an incredibly deep, almost dark vortex. But the location of the light sources at the bottom or directly on the surface of a water object will produce the opposite effect, and instead of a scary black abyss, a mysterious site will appear on the site, for example.

Alpine hill – is an ideal place to transform the imagination. Illumination of such an element in landscape design can be done as a single-torch lantern mounted on top, and several flat luminaires laid in the base. Any decision, of course, will enrich the composition and advantageously present the most successful elements.

You can resort to a non-standard option for landscape lighting and let the alpine slide glow with serpentines, and garlands. If there is no need to accentuate any detail of the object, the lamp must be removed from it. In this case, such representatives of landscape lighting as directional light lamps will be good. The rock garden surrounded by them will look natural.

Flower beds and flower beds can be illuminated in a non-standard way, using glass as an old glass vase. Inside the tank, they put the bulbs that work on solar energy.

But the traces are highlighted not only for a decorative purpose. Here, the safety aspect is also relevant, so it will be necessary to conduct a proper selection of luminaire designs. They must correspond to the architectural solution of the alleys.

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