Types of landscape lighting

Free Camping Tent Surrounded With Trees during Nighttime Stock PhotoTo make the territory of the house in the evening hours no less attractive than during the day, it is necessary to intelligently illuminate it. In fact, the development of the lighting project is a combination of some techniques. This is a combination of different levels of landscape lighting schemes and lighting fixtures.

General lighting

Its task is to emphasize the layout of the territory, to show the position of the main structures, access roads, sites, pergolas, buildings, etc. Landscape lighting is provided here by lamps such as:

  • lanterns;
  • projectors;
  • decorative supports;
  • suspension lamps;
  • bollards.

Highlighting the flora

In each landscape, there are green plantations, which can be separated by a directional stream of light. This is a great way to turn flower beds, rock gardens, rock gardens, trees, and bushes into works of art. With the skillful lighting of the landscape, they will play with new colors. What height, power, and type of light supply to choose lamps will depend on the size and shape of the plant, the texture of their trunks, the light absorption capacity of the leaves, and their seasonal variability.

Architectural lighting

This way of lighting in landscape design is designed to emphasize the beauty of the architecture of the buildings. The emphasis is on individual fragments of houses, the texture of the walls, and the originality of the roofs. Preference is given to elegance with good design, lighting structures that are installed on the visors of buildings, their walls, or digging into the ground. For greater efficiency, you can try combinations of highlights.

Hidden lighting

A relatively new trend in landscape lighting. The job of the projectors is not to illuminate the walls, but to create a unique light pattern on them. In this case, it will be possible not only to follow the architectural reliefs of the structure but also to create arbitrary decorative compositions.

Plant landscape lighting shades

Free Woman Standing on Hallway in Between Grass Stock PhotoTo emphasize the unusual shapes of plants and the richness of the color of their leaves, various light sources are used. Their design is selected based on the assigned tasks and with an eye for the current season. Despite some disadvantages, it is recommended to use incandescent lamps, according to today’s standards, in the lighting of vegetation. Lighting is suitable and orientable for projectors with mercury light carriers. They will give the leaves a pleasant turquoise hue.

A serious problem for lighting in landscape design is planting growth. This, by the way, is the main reason why there is a need for seasonal maintenance. Appliances are cleaned, reinstalled, and retouched. For the system to work as fruitfully as possible, it is sometimes even necessary to remove some plants that interfere with its operation. You need to know this in order to throw a stock lead into the initial arrangement. This will greatly simplify the operation of the system in the future and will not become an obstacle for the transfer of lighting devices.